Affordable, scalable logistics and technology solutions to globalize online shopping.

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i-parcel’s affordable logistics solution for e-commerce companies

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i-parcel offers several options to globalization

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The pioneers in low cost international delivery for e-commerce parcels

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i-parcel offers a number of options to globalize your business. Whether you want i-parcel to become the Merchant of Record, or you want to make i-parcel's front end technology and logistics available to your customers, or you just want to provide i-parcel's low cost logistics—it's all up to you. We can help you decide.

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After you choose your path, you can expect a smooth, step-by-step transition to being able to serve global shoppers. Once you start, you can expect increased sales and the tools you need to help you optimize your business.

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Logistics is an incredibly important aspect of successful and growing cross-border e-commerce businesses. At the same time, technology (both front and back end) also plays an essential role. i-parcel treats both of these elements as one.

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